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WE MADE THE COVER OF VISI!!!! We are very proud to have worked on this STUNNING project in Eye of Africa Estate. Muted greys, natural elements, white and pops of colour, make this house with its’ grass roof and open plan design a haven of tranquillity. We used sheer blinds and linen curtains with minimal hardware and decorations, as not to interfere with any of the architectural lines. Pops of colour were added with fabrics from Romo International, Skinny La Minx and Clinton Friedman. Accessories like plants, Belgian glass, wooden bowls and vessels, high gloss ceramics, silk & wool rugs, beads and naturally framed art finish off the space without any clutter. The house was the brainchild of W Design Architecture Studio, who believe that “You sleep in a cave and live in tree”… And that is exactly what they achieved here.